Adventures in crowd funding

A dream deferred
I should have written this long ago, but it should be clear from the silence that this is not going forward. At least for the short term. Maybe for the long. I want to thank my supporters, you know who you are. Hopefully, when I post again, it will be with better news.

With about two and a half weeks to go, the response has been disappointing. According to the counter, I haven't had more than eighty people even looking at the blog once. I'm still hopeful, and I would consider trying Indiegogo if this effort doesn't succeed, but I need a massively large response and I'm not getting it. It appears that my networking skills leave something to be desired. My Google-fu has also failed in giving me a direction.

Stay tuned for further developments, or non-developments.

Twas the week before Christmas...
...and crowdfunding is going slowly. I want to contact large numbers of people in hopes they would contribute, but I don't want to spam everybody.

In the meantime, if you're reading this, please consider clicking on the link below and "hit the freaking tip jar" to quote another blogger.

T-Shirt Mock-ups uploaded
I've uploaded some T-Shirt mock-ups here. I hope you enjoy them and donate.

Mission Statement
I've started an Absurd*A*Tees page on Facebook. One of the slots was for a mission statement. Now, beyond the obvious, I hadn't thought out a mission statement. But then one came to me and here it is: "To amuse, bemuse, and abuse as many people as possible."

How's that?

"Start spreading the word...."
I'm plugging away, trying to get help with my project. So far I don't seem to be having much luck. I know one friend is going to post a link, but that is for next week. There are some other places, but I haven't heard back. Meanwhile, I tried to upload a T-Shirt mock-up, but nothing came of it. I will try again later

A second attempt at the Donate button
If all goes well it should show up here:

An introduction to Absurd*A*Tees
I've started this blog to seek support for a small business venture. I've been out of work since February of 2012. At this point, though I'm still applying for work, I don't hold out much hope I'll get any. So I've come to the conclusion that if I want a job I will have to create my own. I'm calling this venture Absurd*A*Tees. It would be making and selling T-shirts; sometimes amusing, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes Politically Incorrect.

I was going to do this as a Kickstarter Project, but Kickstarter rules preclude business start-ups. I don't know if it was always so, but it is now. So I will have to do this without the Kickstarter seal of approval. On the other hand I don't have to give them five percent.

What I need is your support. My goal is to raise $50,000 or more. That should be more than enough to cover everything with some insurance added in. Any amount you can donate would be a help. You can contribute using my email wyjoe77@gmail.com through Amazon Payments or PayPal. I've placed a PayPal link but I haven't seen what it looks like on the blog. I am yet to figure out if Amazon Payments has a link I can add, or if you have to go to them directly. Depending on if I get enough support to proceed, I would provide a special thank you T-Shirt for anyone contributing $35 to $69.99, and a thank you shirt plus one of the T-Shirts from the first selection for anyone contributing $70 or more. Again, that depends on if I get enough support to proceed.

My timetable is as follows: I'm hoping to reach my fundraising goal by January 15th. If all goes well, I would want to rent or lease a workspace, and gather materials, so that I can be ready to go by February 15th. I would then produce the thank you shirts and the T-Shirt lines I plan to start selling; I want to have the thank you T-shirts all distributed by Easter, which is March 31st, and then proceed with business from there.

That's about it for now. I will post updates from time to time; including some mockups of T-shirts and a possible video podcast. In the meantime, if you can, please help with a donation via wyjoe77@gmail.com to Amazon Payments or PayPal, or by spreading the word through the Internets. Or both. Thank you for your time and attention and thanks in advance for your support.

Wyman Cooke

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